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2010-07-10 17:27:30 by porcelainskin

well i fig i should properly introduce myself............ um ok lol.... hi I'm Andrea officially, I'm a student at N.S.C.A.D in Halifax I'm studying for a bachelor in fine art majoring in painting minoring in drawing. Painting is my life i live it and breathe it, when i look at a painting the emotional aspect is what matters to me. My painitngs are all emotional piece i paint them in very thin lairs and overlap over and over again. I came on this website for honest reviews and i know you guys wont disapoint, these reviews will help me improve and develop into a better artist.
thanx for all your time and please dont be shy and leave me some e-mails and some feed back i dont bite lol :)

my art


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2010-07-10 17:29:01



2010-07-11 11:11:00

i like the stuff u submit here, most of the stuff here is all made by computers n stuff , atleast your keeping it to the real stuff =) ...and its good


2010-07-11 11:32:53

i fergot to mention , deviantart is a more suitable website for this stuff , i think you will get true honest comments there because here its mostly fags walking around just saying everything is good


2010-07-11 18:35:42

Looks like somebody beat me to the punch and you've been scouted already. Congrats!